How Did Beyonce Lose Weight on the Lemonade Diet?

I remember watching the Oprah Winfrey show where Beyonce Knowles announced that she had lost 20lbs of weight on the Master Cleanse (aka Lemonade Diet) to prepare for her upcoming role in a new movie at the time, Dreamgirls.

So just what is the Lemonade Diet, and how did it allow Beyonce to lose so much weight so quickly?

The Lemonade Diet is more like a cleanse/fast that helps the body get rid of impurities and waste products so that it can work more efficiently. You lose weight by removing toxins that have built up on your digestive system, clogging up your body’s ability to digest foods properly.

By removing all these impurities, toxins, and waste products you stimulate your body’s natural healing and restorative abilities. The body knows how to heal itself if you just let it. And letting it in this case, is removing the years of built up waste, diseased cells, and thickened mucus coating along your intestinal tract. Once this is removed, your body goes back to its normal state: One of normal health and vitality.

The Lemonade Diet works by giving your digestive system a break so that it can process what is currently there without the toxins interfering. This also gives the body time to renew and self heal, which ultimately allows it work that much more efficiently. An efficient digestive system, in turn, means your metabolism will be increased, your cells and organs will be working optimally, will leads to less sickness and disease.

Here’s an analogy. I once got a virus or some spyware on my computer. Then over time, my computer took a long time to load programs, to the point where it would simply stall and I couldn’t do much with it. It was slow, sluggish, and didn’t work right (like a person filled with toxin on the verge of sickness and disease). Then I got my computer re-formatted and now it is as quick and efficient as the first day I bought it. This is similar to how the Lemonade Diet works. It’s like getting your body re-formatted so that all the systems work the way they are designed without all the “spyware” slowing the system down.

So with the Lemonade Diet you can expect the system to normalize and may experience the following as a result: weight loss, glowing skin, higher energy level, mental clarity, and regular bowel movements. So go try the Lemonade Diet and see if you can’t get the results Beyonce did.

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