Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

What is it?

This type of vinegar is prepared by fermenting apple cider. It also goes by the names cider vinegar and acetic acid. The process employs bacteria and yeast to break down the sugar in the apple cider into alcohol and then vinegar. Besides acetic acid, apple cider vinegar contains other acids like citric, lactic and malic. It has a light yellow brown color.


It is sold in unfiltered and unpasteurized liquid form. The mother of vinegar in dark sediment containing mainly acetic acid is found settled at the bottom of the liquid. This vinegar is used for health purposes unlike others used for cooking. It is reported to have been used for controlling diseases like indigestion and pneumonia. Many people have reportedly been cured of digestive tract ailments caused by bacteria by using apple cider vinegar mixed with honey.

It is also claimed by some that combined with vitamin B6 and lecithin they have a role in reducing body weight by burning fat through faster metabolism. The proponents of this vinegar recommend taking it before each meal for burning fat and shedding weight.

Some studies have shown that it may help diabetics by lowering glucose levels in blood. Post-meal insulin and glucose levels have been found to be lower in people taking apple cider vinegar with white bread. They are also said to be useful in treating blood pressure, cholesterol, acne and dandruff. However, such findings are yet to be established by research.

For Treating Acid Reflux

Practitioners of alternative medicine believe that apple cider vinegar mixed with water is a good remedy for acid reflux. It is based on the idea that reflux is caused by low secretion of stomach acid due to reasons of age, diet and excessive use of antacids. They should not however be taken without medical advice as it may have side effects like damaging the digestive tract including the esophagus and eroding the tooth enamel.

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