Lose Weight From Drinking Water

There are so many Fad Diets, Pills, Supplements and so on around these days, and to be honest half of them don’t actually work! There is however one superb little miracle that helps with losing weight, and its been around forever, its natures little gift to us, yes that’s right, its water! Allow me to tell you how to…

Water is an absolute essential in the world and in so many ways too! I don’t think I have to begin to explain to you the many different uses for water, but one fact that a lot of people don’t know is that our body weight is around 60% water, so it makes good sense to drink enough of it to keep a healthy flow. How much water should you drink is a debatable question which even experts cannot agree on, and this is mainly because every single person differs from the next in size, weight, daily activities and so on. There is however recommended water intake and that is 8 x 8ounce glasses water per day. If you are overweight or you are very active then you should slightly drink more water than this.

Why drink water? OK so having a healthy flow and amount of water boosts your metabolism. How? Well your kidneys need plenty of water to work and function properly. If your Kidneys are thirsty and not getting enough water then they need a helping hand, which comes from your Liver. One job of your Liver is metabolizing fat and transforming your stored fat into energy. Now, if your Liver is busy helping Mr. Kidney, how can it possibly perform all of its other jobs correctly? It can’t. And that is how drinking the right amount of water boosts your metabolism and allows your Liver and Kidneys to function and perform well, which also reduces the amount of fat that your body stores. Your body naturally consumes around 2.5 liters of water per day just by doing everyday things, so if you don’t replenish this water you will soon become dehydrated and your metabolism will be slowed right down.

Drinking water has many other benefits for your body too, such as detoxifying and hydrating the skin. It does this by flushing out toxins and impurities in your skin which leaves you glowing and looking younger while tackling eczema, wrinkles, spots and dry skin. Muscle tone is another aspect that benefits from water. Muscles contract easier if they have sufficient water and this makes working out more effective. Water helps to keep our joints in good condition preventing arthritis later in life, too. Your guts benefit from water as well, it helps with constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, there are so many water benefits so I will keep it short.

As you can see there are so many benefits to drinking water. If you think you will struggle to drink the recommended amount, as I’m sure many people will, then you can add certain flavorings such as drops of lemon or lime and citrus fruits, warm it up and add ginger or honey and lemon. Drink a full glass as soon as you wake up and have another glass while getting ready to leave the house. Drink a glass of water before every meal too as it will help fill you up more so you wont feel the need to eat so much.

Drinking water is not a single whole solution to weight loss however, it does play a big part in winning the battle. Accompany your new weight loss trick with a healthy diet and fitness regime. Try joining a community of like minded people on the Internet and getting friends involved, or try an approved diet program if your struggling to stick to diets.

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