Best Time to Weigh Yourself

The best way to keep track of your weight is, of course, weighing on a scale. Thankfully, scales are very easy to find in stores, and they can be quite inexpensive. Scales are a valuable asset, and when you are excited about a new workout regimen or eating plan, it can be easy to constantly check for progress on your scale. Is this a good option for you? It can be helpful for you, but you need to decide for yourself how often you should weigh yourself, and a few considerations should help you be able to decide what is best for you.

When, Where, and How?

The best time to weigh is in the morning, after using the bathroom and before working out. It is best to wear very light or no clothing at all when weighing in the morning. Keep your scale in the same place to make sure that it is consistent with its readings. The best place to weigh is in the bathroom, and you should try to keep the scale in the same area each day, on the same tile or tiles. The worst surface to weigh yourself on is carpet. Carpet is not stable and the scale will not be consistent. Be sure to weigh at the same time every morning.

Weighing Daily

If you are serious about tracking your weight,  then weighing daily may be a good way to keep track of any changes in your weight loss or gain. Weighing every day and writing the numbers down is the best way to track changes. It can help you have an idea of where you are with your weight loss so that you can see where any new weight gain may come from and be able to fix any problems or change other habits that you may have.

Weighing Weekly or Monthly

Some people choose to weigh once a week or even once a month. This is a good option because it can help you keep your focus on getting healthy rather than just achieving a certain number on the scale. Weighing weekly or monthly can be set up as part of a reward system for meeting your goals. When joined with other physical measurements, weighing less frequently and seeing the results in the big picture mean can help you stick with your program.

Deciding how often to weigh yourself takes consideration. Would you rather be able to track your weight daily or would you rather see results over a long period of time? It’s up to you.

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