California Medical Weight Management for Overweight Older People

Obesity or overweight in older people is increasing all over the world. This prevalence is also increasing as most of the people are overweight as they reach old age. It is usually seen that after retirement from jobs older people become more relaxed and lead a more sedentary and morbid lifestyle. This leads to accumulation of extra body fats. Often people observe that their clothes do not fit as they get older. Sometimes old people eat less and the rate of metabolism also deceases in their body. Intentional rapid weight loss is seen as safe and beneficial for older people as it increases the overall energy levels making you feel more active and healthy. Few people also opt for surgery for rapid weight loss however physicians do not recommend this method of weight loss for overweight people over 65 years of age. Caution should be exercised in recommending weight loss to overweight older people on the basis of their body fat composition.

Older people have reduced skeletal muscle mass; therefore appropriate methods should be recommended for preservation of muscle mass and reduction of unwanted adipose tissues or fats in overweight older people. Very often certain health conscious overweight people try out different methods to lose body fat but inappropriate weight loss choices eventually make them feel more depressed and frustrated. California Medical Weight Management is the answer to weight loss woes in elder people. With their time tested, scientifically designed and long term weight loss solutions, overweight people of all age groups can bounce back into shape and stay healthy.

During the initial visits, the doctors perform an in depth evaluation of a person’s body and find out the exact cause of being overweight. They provide the weight loss aspirant with a personalized weight loss programme. An understanding of the causes and consequences of excess weight in older people is aided by an understanding of the changes in appetite, food intake, energy expenditure and body composition that occur with ageing. Nutritious weight loss diets are supplemented with exercise programmes for the preservation of muscle mass.

Thus, make wise choices and opt for california medical weight management, a medically supervised weight loss programme for healthier, happier and longer life.

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