Fish Oil Capsules And Weight Loss ? How Does It Really Work Without The Contraindication?

Diet conscious and overweight individuals are thinking of taking fish oil capsules and weight loss. They wonder if this combination would give them the result that they expect to get. As we all know, taking fish oil capsules is a trend nowadays just like the weight loss supplements. Both are floating in the market. However, some people may seem skeptic at first because fish oil was first used to treat people who have depression and anxiety. Thus, these individuals are alarmed in taking this supplement. Little do they know that depression and anxiety are not the only condition that it can treat.

Fish oil is actually considered a miracle pill because researchers have discovered that it can also treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. It actually started with the use of codfish liver oil for treatment of common cough and colds. But later on, it was found out that there was just too much Vitamin A and D in that treatment, which leads to undesired reactions for the user.

Now, the sources of fish oil have evolved to a lot of fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil comes from the tissues of the fish that are harvested from the coldest and deepest waters of the ocean. However, these fish do not produce the omega-3 fatty acids directly. The omega-3 fatty acids come from the microalgae that the fish eat as part of their diet in the vast body of water. It is then accumulated in the fish tissues. The more microalgae the fish eat the higher the concentration of omega-3.

With possible health benefits taken from omega-3 fatty acids such as treatment for diabetic II patients, heart conditions, patients with Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, even the great promise as a treatment for AIDS and other present untreatable diseases.  One wonder that researchers have discovered is taking fish oil capsules and weight loss would be a result. It’s another amazing discovery because if an individual’s concern is to lose weight by taking fish oil, he can get other wonderful health benefits other than just losing weight.

Fish oil works by activating the enzymes that are in charge of burning fat. If combined with exercise and increase intake of oxygen, then it has been found to increase the metabolism. With the increase of the metabolic rate, there is an effect of fat burning and eventually will result to losing weight. If you take a total of 8 capsules a day with a 2-3-3 breakfast, lunch, dinner proportion it will increase the fat oxidation, body fat, and metabolic rate.

The omega-3 in fish oil decreases the insulin levels in the person’s body by as much as 50%. Insulin increases the enzyme activity that is responsible for storing fat. How is that possible? Insulin level decreases when you take in fish oil, then the hormone sensitive lipase is now free to break down stored fat and utilize it for energy in the body. In layman’s term if your insulin level is high you body will keep storing fat while if the insulin levels are low through the help of omega-3 fatty acids the body will be able to use stored fat for energy. This is how fish oil capsules and weight loss are correlated.

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