The Sony Ericsson S302 Delivers Again

Sony Ericsson S302 combines futuristic Sony design ethics with comprehensive functionality. The phone is an eclectic mix of both style and forms and performs all of its tasks with aplomb. It is one in a long line of Sony ranges of phone which feature its Walkman style MP3 player and also offers much more. The phones size is 101 mm x 46 mm wide. It is only 12 mm thick as well as only weighing 79 grams. This makes the phone one of the slimmest phones available on the market and also one of the lightest.

The phone comes with a 2.0 inch TFT screen which is both surprisingly large and colourful. Images seem to simply jump out at you from this expressive screen. The ability to display 256,000 colours may have something to do with it. With a pixel size of 176 x 220 pixels ensures that images shown are shown in excellent clarity as well.

The phone offers a 2 mega pixel camera which works at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The addition of auto focus and an LED flash ensure images are focused and sufficiently illuminated when taking photos. For an alternative to still image taking the camera also allows the ability to record and playback Video. The phone comes with an internal memory of 20 Mb but this can be suitably expanded up to 4 GB by using the memory stick micro facility which is built into the phone.

One of the integral elements of this phone is its music playing capabilities. The Walkman style MP3 player and stereo FM radio offers the means to listen to a huge variety of downloaded music or local and national radio broadcasts. The addition of the TrackID music recognition feature only adds further to the phones appeal. This useful function will endow the user with information about the track being played.

For connectivity the phone also offers several options which include GPRS, EDGE, Blue tooth and USB. This ensures that the phone is able to compete and connect to a multitude of services and facilities whilst out and about.

The Sony Ericsson S302 offers excellent quality features that have always been included in many Sony mobile phones. The mix of style and function is captivating and endears the phone to its user. The entertainment element of the phone offers outstanding sound quality and hours of enjoyment.

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