Do Vitamin Supplements Help With Weight Loss Or Do They Simply Get in the Way?

If you’re looking to lose some weight and you’re having problems doing so (and you’re not alone here!) then you’ll probably look at getting all the help you can. Sometimes the diets you try just won’t give you the results you need on their own. Some people will turn to diet drinks, meal replacements and diet pills to get some extra help. Others are turning to vitamins & minerals for a little extra boost. So do vitamin supplements help with weight loss?

Vitamins are actually big news in the diet industry right now. A lot of people are claiming that using certain vitamin supplements in the right combination, can actually promote weight loss. So, they say, if you take nutritional vitamins as part of your diet then you could, in theory, actually see better results than if you just used your diet to try and lose weight.

How come? Does this make sense?

On one level this makes sense if you think about it. Your body processes the calories you eat and either burns them up or turns them into fat. Eating a healthy and balanced diet can see your body burn off more of what you eat, while eating an unhealthy diet or one too high in calories is where the fat you gain comes into the equation. The point is that some researchers believe that certain vitamin supplements ‘encourage’ your body to do what you want it to do…burn off your calorie intake…and ‘discourage’ it from turning that potential fuel into fat.

So, how does this work? The theory behind this is that certain vitamins & minerals will encourage your body to take certain actions or increase the effectiveness of the actions that it takes. If you can use vitamin supplements to make your body more effective in calorie burning then it will be easier for your body to do this and it could therefore do it more effectively. Which potentially equals more weight loss.

This isn’t the case with all vitamin supplements, however. You can’t simply take a standard daily dose of multi vitamins and hope for the best. According to the experts you need to target the vitamin supplements that work on the right areas of your body and its functions. This way you are likely to see better results, providing of course that you don’t do something silly like take too many of that one vitamin supplement.

For example, a study by the University of Minnesota showed that people who boosted their vitamin D levels before dieting saw better weight loss than those who didn’t or had low vitamin D levels. Many people also like to use vitamin B in this scenario, as this vitamin group can help with the digestive processes…and many believe that it helps deal with the carbs that you eat.

As with any supplements you do need to think about how you use them as a diet aid. Taking too many daily vitamins of the wrong sort could be harmful. And, remember also that it is more than possible to see the same positive vitamin-based effects by eating foods that are naturally rich in the vitamins you are looking for rather than taking supplements. Just make sure that these high-in-vitamin foods are suitable as part of your healthy diet!

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