Eliminating Those Extra Pounds

Nowadays losing weight is perhaps the most popular trend! Everybody needs a slim waistline, a sleek look with no flab sticking out of the tummy and no double-chins. It comes to the extent of struggling to get a ‘size zero’, which at times gives one an ‘unhealthy’ appearance.


Losing weight can be – voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary weight loss is related to obesity or being overweight in common people. Those that are overweight want to shed those extra pounds to not only look and feel good, but also to get rid of all the health problems related to obesity and lead a nice, healthy life. Obesity increases the risk of diseases like heart problems, diabetes, some kinds of cancer, high blood pressure and so on.


People related to the glamor world shed weight not only for the health related issues, but also to increase the glamor quotient! Voluntary weight loss can be achieved by following a restricted and regulated diet, drinking lots of water that helps flush out the toxins, walking and exercising regularly and so on. Fasting for long periods is not very safe and effective; avoid skipping meals, especially your breakfast. Sometimes, use of certain medicines and surgeries also helps you to lose weight especially by decreasing your appetite. Involuntary weight loss can be due to various reasons related to the mental and physical state of the person. Different diseases like diabetes, cancer, HIV, thyroid problems, certain other infections can cause weight loss. A state of mental depression can also lead the person to shed pounds. Medical attention is required in case of involuntary weight loss.


The demand for losing weight has risen in the recent past giving way to the birth of an industry that caters to this field. Innumerable products are available in the markets that promise to reduce your weight faster than others and in a cost effective manner. These include, creams, lotions, tapes, belts, books, ayurvedic items and so on. Included in this industry are gyms, fitness centers and personal trainers.


If you want to shed your weight you should take care of certain things. Always take expert advice before going on a diet or exercise regimen. You can take tips from a book or a show on some TV channel, but never jump into a process to shed weight based on the latter. This is because every human being is different and it is very important to study your physical and mental health before suggesting a weight reduction program for you! Do check the labels while buying food and beverages. That will help you to count your calorie intake. The average weight of a person depends on his/her age and height.


Do get properly informed on the same before deciding to go on a weight loss program! Do not overdo anything as that will not help you lose weight faster! Give the process some time and always be happy with your achievement! Don’t let your morale go down if the progress is slow. After all, you are a different person altogether with a different body, and you and your body have their own way of responding to things!


However, despite this flourishing industry and apparent intention to lose weight, successful weight loss examples are few. Recent surveys suggest the most prominent reasons for this to be lack of motivation to lose weight; unhappy days that make people eat more and uncontrolled hunger. Other causes include, eating out more than required, boredom and stress.  


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