Healthy Weight Loss – When to Drink Water and Why

The need for enough water as part of a healthy diet is very well accepted by just about everyone. One ‘old wives tale’ has now been proved by researchers to have a very sound base in science.

It has always seemed to be a sensible idea to drink a glass of water before your meal. The thought was that you would then eat less. Along with healthy balanced meals, you could then lose weight. Some work at Virginia Tech has shown that this idea is firmly based and can be proved.

In a study over three months, it was shown that a group who drank a pint of water shortly before their meals, lost 29 percent more weight. (That meant about 15 and one half pounds as against about 11 pounds). The other group in the study were given no rules about when and what to drink. The calorie intake for both groups was identical. That in itself is quite amazing, but what is more, further study showed that the weight loss continued. Once the diet conditions were relaxed, the glass of water habit seemed to be so popular that it was continued. This resulted in further modest weight loss over the course of the year. The other group who returned to normal put their weight back on.

Something which is so simple and cheap really should be a no-brainer for those of us who are serious about maintaining a healthy diet.

There are so many ideas and tips out there, but I really believe that this is the best one I have ever come across. Use the water habit and keep searching for tips and ideas to keep your weight loss on the right path.

Many times the simplest of ideas can be the ones which make a great deal of difference.

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