The Benefits of Green Tea Capsules Without the Caffeine

Today you can acquire just about any herbal extract in capsule form however one of the most effective of the extracts that you can come across is green tea extract. This has been identified as a means of providing the fastest method possible of transporting anti-oxidants and related health benefits into the human body.

The active constituents that are found in green tea are identified as polyphenols with the popular antioxidant known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate being the more influential of them. The value of the antioxidant activity is typically around 25 to 100 times as potent as what vitamins C and E would be. One standard cup of this beverage will supply about 10 to 40 mg of polyphenols and possess the antioxidant effects which are even greater then those found in a serving of spinach, broccoli, strawberries or carrots.

We all are fretful about the likelihood of encountering dreaded cardiovascular diseases. Problems such as heart disease or stroke are readily waiting most people in our current fast paced, high stress society. Green tea can help mitigate the bulk of these risks with only a mere capsule daily.

In addition, it will lesson LDL cholesterol to tolerable levels. It helps to inhibit the cholesterol from building up in the arteries as this often plays a major role in formation of atherosclerosis. This can lead to heart diseases and the possibility of stroke and heart attack.

It has been associated with weight loss and people have been using this as a natural weight loss remedy for ages. It is also available in weight loss capsules, combined with other ingredients which make it extremely beneficial for people looking to find a natural and safe way to lose weight without any chemical additives. Drinking green tea to achieve this effect can be good but there is better way to achieve all the goodness without the side effects.

This wonderful substance is rich in caffeine content but this is no longer a problem. Some people who may be overly sensitive to caffeine will find it irritatingly difficult to sleep after taking a hot cup of freshly brewed tea. Others who are taking medication for other illnesses may find it disturbing to learn about the side-effects of caffeine and what is can to to their bodies when taken simultaneously with prescription medicines. Taking green tea capsules is fantastic way to achieve all the goodness of green tea without the hassles of preparing a freshly brewed tea or to suffer form the side-effects caused by caffeine in it.

Julie C. Ashe is a life-time user and passionate fan of the benefits of vitamins and supplements with a scientific base to promote good health and vitality.

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