Scope of Medical Acupuncture?

In case you are wondering how many sessions you will need, it will depend on the case of each person. There is no such thing as a template for the medication of a person’s illness. Surprisingly, serious conditions would require fewer visits because there is the danger of overdoing it. As soon as you enter a needle, there are a series of chemicals that the body triggers in response to the needle. These blend of chemicals span a wide range of effects since they are never the same. It all depends on the area of the body where the needle was inserted.

The succeeding treatments will mean more specific application to your unique illness compared to a generalized diagnosis at the start of the treatment. The in depth knowledge of your body’s reaction will allow the physician to fine tune the method of treatment. The second type is the dense type which is known for sticking to the walls of arteries and causing arteriosclerosis which can exacerbate high blood pressure. In regards to his diet, I advised him on cutting back on his coffee intake as well. Next is the subject of health insurance covering acupuncture treatments is another misconception. Health insurance companies are only going to cover diseases treated with acupuncture by a medical doctor who is a certified acupuncturist.

The first reason to make acupuncture your choice of treatment is that it uses a holistic view of looking at the body rather than each organ and each disease as a separate entity. When you appear for your first visit, your main complaint is addressed along with your lifestyle, diet, emotional factors, and other signs and symptoms. For those who are interested in seeking out this remedy, it is always wise to take certain precautions and select an acupuncture practitioner with utmost care and discernment. After all, there are still some potential risks in the process.

Acupuncture is done by having very thin needles inserted into the skin at certain points on the body. Traditional Chinese theory asserts that placing these needles helps to free up the flow of energy (called chi) through the body. Inserting the needles helps the energy flow to re-balance itself, leading to greater overall well-being. At this point, think of your standard garden hose. If a backyard hose is twisted, it can’t offer an ample amount of water to a plant. Sooner or later, the plant will be incapable to thrive and cultivate. Similarly, an obstacle in the meridians will hamper the amount of qi necessary to nourish your body’s cells. All you have to do is unblock the flow of energy and the body will heal itself. That is why acupuncture is so effective in treating pain. We choose the meridian that is affected and do specific points that affect that meridian. The acupuncture stimulates the key points on the meridian and opens up circulation again.

Doctors usually recommendmedical induction, although it has been shown that it does not always work, and it might even put yourself and your baby at risk. So what to do at this point? I was in the same situation before my baby was born, when a friend of mine recommended that I look into inducing labor with acupressure.

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