Homemade Facial Options

Just about anyone would like to find an inexpensive, simple way to improve the appearance of his or her skin. One great way to nourish your skin and improve skin tone is to undergo facials once every week or every two weeks. There are different types of facial treatments that can be used by men and women. Some facials are designed to exfoliate the skin and promote removal of the outermost layers of skin so new underlying layers are revealed. Other facials are designed to hydrate the skin. There are many types of facials that are available in salons, and facials that can be purchased in drug store, beauty supply stores, or department stores. However, facials that are performed in salons and those that can be bought in specialty stores can be expensive. Those looking for a lower cost solution may be interested in making their own facial treatments using ingredients that are commonly found in the home.

One ingredient that can be added to homemade facials is heavy cream. Milk products contain lactic acid, which promote the exfoliation of the top layers of the skin.

Honey can also be added to facial treatments. Honey nourishes the skin.

Baking soda relieves itchy skin. Those that have itchy skin due to acne breakouts may benefit from use of baking soda in facial treatments.

Egg yolks contain high levels of vitamin A. Many acne treatments also contain vitamin A.

Sugar contains glycolic acid, which stimulates exfoliation. In addition, the granular texture of sugar also promotes skin exfoliation when used in facials.

Yogurt, like milk, contains lactic acid and can help men and women shed old layers of skin.

Coconut oil can be added to your homemade facial to moisturize the skin.

To make your own facial, mix some of the above ingredients together to make a paste, then apply to the skin for about 20 minutes.

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