Achieve Spectacular Results in Weight Loss and Build Bone Density

Everyone wants to achieve their ideal weight and to be healthy. With the baby boomers, like me, finding it harder and harder to rev up our metabolism for the desired weight loss it can leave you frustrated. I have always taken care of my body and exercised, but when I reached “that age” (around 40) I noticed how difficult it was.

Going through menopause definitely didn’t help and even though I thought I was eating right and exercising I found myself almost 20 pounds overweight. To top it off I had developed osteoporosis. It didn’t happen overnight of course and when I was weighed at my doctors I though the scale was incorrect! It wasn’t; oh brother, I had to do something. Today I have reversed the osteoporosis and my weight is in the normal range. You can do it too!

The two things that will rev your metabolism for weight loss, and help fight loss of bone, besides calcium and vitamin D, are protein and weight lifting. It’s really quite simple, muscle burns fat and muscle also builds bone density because you must stress both for them to grow and maintain. Diet isn’t enough, restricting too many calories isn’t going to work. You have to find a healthy forever eating plan that suits you, add the protein and weights and you will get fit.

Women are usually afraid of building too much muscle with weights. This is a no worry topic as you can never build that bulky type muscle because you simply do not have the hormone testosterone that men have. It’s true there are professional women bodybuilders that do have quite a bit of muscle; this is from a very strict diet and taking testosterone or steroid supplements. But for normal weight loss you don’t have to worry.

Digestion is the key with protein supplementation; you want your muscles to start utilizing protein before and after exercise. Before exercise eat a small handful of nuts and an apple or a low fat yogurt and some berries. Afterwards, a smoothie with protein works excellent or you can have any number of high protein breakfasts. You will have the body you desire, your bone density will grow and you will not be hungry.

Whey protein is an excellent source because it contains branched chain amino acids, an outstanding source of energy to help you achieve your desired weight loss. In other words you can exercise longer without feeling fatigued and when done you will recover faster than without it. Whey protein also contains an appetite suppressant called glycomacropeptide. Glycomacropeptide aids the body in producing the protein that is responsible for the feeling of fullness after you eat.

Research has shown whey protein to have positive effects on illnesses such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and osteoporosis and can supply quality protein for those on gluten or wheat controlled diets. It also has been found to help the body protect against viruses and bacteria. I have a dairy intolerance but whey, even though derived from dairy, does not bother me. Soy protein is another option but remember soy will interfere with thyroid function if you consume too much and if you are trying to build muscle you need a lot of protein per day. Most people are deficient in protein requirements. You should get getting almost 1 gram per pound of body weight depending on your exercise routine. So if you want a high quality protein with not a lot of fat try whey protein.

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