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We hereby study and bring out the details of a few Herbal Supplements and recommend a few like the HS Trim Weight Loss & Slimming Supplement to help you aid in your final choice.

If you at any time look online, you are bound to find hundreds of weight loss supplements, many of them claiming to have remarkable benefits. Although it’s tempting to try new supplements, the possible side effects and safety concerns aren’t always listed. And while some of them may be promising, others can do more harm than good. Here’s information about some of the very popular weight loss supplements.

HS Trim: The Slimming & Weight Loss Supplement that claims to help you lose up to 6 kg s in lest than 4 weeks.
When a person’s weight exceeds 20 – 30% of the Ideal / standard, then the person is categorized as Obese or Overweight. If left untreated, Obesity can lead to ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, coronary heart disease, gall bladder disease, cancer and sleep apnea etc. Years of R & D at Health Sanctuary enabled freezing of the composition that shows remarkable and amazing results in people affected by Obesity. HS TRIM has a favorable effect on weight reduction and lipid profiles. It is a revolutionary Ayurvedic herbal product that can be safely used with nil side effects.

What it does:
Lose up to 4 – 6 kg in just 4 weeks….HS Trim works in the following ways to manage Body Weight
1.HS TRIM Controls appetite and, as a result, reduces the intake of fats and carbohydrates
2.HS TRIM brings about an optimization in the nutrient utilization in the body
3.HS TRIM also helps in the reduction of cholesterol content and also that of triglycerides.
4.HS TRIM discourages the persons craving for sugar. Hence, this leads to a fall in the amount of fats consumed.
5.HS TRIM hinders the synthesis / development of fatty acids, thus decreases the fat content which has the tendency
to accumulate in the persons body

Ingredients Include:
1.Boswellai Glabra (GUGGULU) , 2.GARCINIA Cambogia (Vilatiamli) , 3.Asphaltum (Shilajit), 4.Tragonelia Foenum Greacum (Methi), 5.Foenieulum Vulgare (Saunf), 6.Terminalia Chebula (Harar), 7.Plumbago Zeylanica (Chitra), 8.Cassia Fistula (Amalthas)

Dosage: 1.Daily 1 Capsule each after Lunch and Dinner. 2.Extend up to 3 to 6 months for long lasting Results

Side Effects: 1.Nil side effects, 2.Ayurvedic Supplement, 100 % Safe & Effective , 3.Avoid during pregnancy

Presentation: Each Bottle contains 60 capsules More: HS Trim
Hoodia is one of the better-known herbal supplements used as a natural appetite suppressant, but there haven’t been any clinical trials involving humans yet. If you search online for hoodia, you’ll find hundreds of companies selling hoodia and cautioning you not to buy the competitor’s useless hoodia pills. Counterfeit or fake hoodia is a real problem it’s been estimated that more than half of all hoodia products aren’t actually the real thing. More: Hoodia
Guarana is a plant native to parts of the Amazon rain forest. It has black seeds that are rich in caffeine, with approximately double the caffeine of coffee beans. The caffeine is a stimulant and is thought to raise energy expenditure, however, it could also stimulate the central nervous system and heart, and may result in anxiety and rapid heart rate in larger amounts. More: Guarana
The mineral chromium is needed for normal carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. One of its many functions is to help the hormone insulin move glucose into blood cells where its needed. Chromium is also promoted as a supplement to lose weight and build muscle. Although it’s thought to be particularly helpful for people with insulin resistance or diabetes, it’s also used for weight loss by people without these conditions.
Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has become popular as a fat-burner and as a natural appetite suppressant. Theres even an apple cider vinegar diet, which involves taking one to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or apple cider vinegar pills before each meal. While there’s no harm in using some vinegar in cooking (a preliminary study suggests it may promote satiety), there have been reports of adverse effects with the use of apple cider vinegar tablets.
Chitosan is a supplement derived from chitin, which is found in crustacean shells such as crabs. It’s believed to prevent the absorption of fat by binding to fat molecules in the intestines. Chitosan appears to be relatively safe in the short term, although the more common side effects are constipation, bloating and other digestive complaints.
An analysis of 14 previously published studies found that chitosan supplements resulted in significantly greater weight loss, however, when the researchers only analyzed the high-quality studies, they found that chitosan’s effect on body weight was only minimal.
Ephedra sinica is a plant native to Asia that contains compounds called ephedra alkaloids, primarily ephedrine. It is often combined with caffeine or herbs containing caffeine, such as guarana and yerba mate. Although some short-term studies suggest the ephedra-caffeine combination may promote modest weight loss (two or more pounds per month compared to a placebo), ephedra was banned by the U.S. FDA in April 2004 because of serious safety concerns. Ephedra has been linked to a number of adverse events including high blood pressure, irregularities in heart rate, stroke, heart attacks, seizures and death. Although ephedra can still be found online, it should be avoided.
Bitter Orange
After ephedra was taken off the market in 2004, bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) a herb similar to ephedra, started to become more popular. It contains compounds similar to ephedrine called synephrine and octopamine. Bitter orange may raise blood pressure, increase heart rate or cause abnormal heart rhythms. There is a case report of ischemic colitis ssociated with the use of bitter orange. People with heart disease, high blood pressure, other cardiovascular conditions or diabetes should avoid it; however, anyone considering it should consult a qualified healthcare professional first. It shouldn’t be taken with caffeine or herbs containing caffeine (green tea, yerba mate), because it could theoretically increase the risk of adverse effects similar to ephedra. It interacts with many medications and can increase or decrease their effect.

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