Lose Body Fat – How I Lost 11 Pounds in 1 Month

I have found the ultimate secret to losing body fat. This is top secret and I probably shouldn’t be telling you, yet it’s so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before.

This is how I lost 11 pounds in 1 month:

I took in less calories than I burned.

An absolute shocker, I know. The funny thing is your average person that is trying to diet doesn’t have a clue on how to lose body fat. They understand the words eat right, but they have no idea what that means. They understand they should be exercising but they don’t know where to start.

These are the 3 components I use to help myself lose fat:

Weight training

I train Monday – Friday using a 5 day split (details on the routine can be found in author sig). All the sets and reps are listed. Saturdays and Sundays are rest days.


I do cardio 3 times a week. Nothing horrendously difficult either. I generally ride the bike for about 20 minutes after my workout at around 60-70% of my max heart rate. This helps speed up my metabolism and burn that extra fat.


I pay attention to my diet. It takes a bit of effort but the results are worth it. I eat 6 times a day. My meals are high in protein, low carb and moderate to low fat. I focus on taking in less calories than my body needs to maintain (this is the key to losing fat by the way). I also drink about a gallon of water a day. Too many people are dehydrated all the time. You body is made up of mostly water and all your vital organs need water to function properly. Go do yourself a favor and grab a glass of water right now.

That’s about it – the cat’s out of the bag. Most people read these tips and think they know it all, but there are very few who actually put these tips to use. If you put them to use and stay consistent you will lose body fat – I guarantee.

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