Drinking Water Contaminants: Lead

Eliminate Lead in Your Drinking Water

We are water beings, so it makes sense to drink pure bio-available water to replenish our bodies and stay healthy. But the question is what kind of water to drink because our tap water contains a number of toxins, including lead.

You, like the majority of Americans, may not be aware of that fact. In effect, taking out lead and other common contaminants has immensely positive effects on your health and energy.

The municipalities, while well-intentioned, deliver water that still contains contaminants, pesticide, herbicide, and hormone residues that are delivered to your tap. Taking matters into your own hands at home is the way to protect yourself and your family. Install an excellent water filter to ensure that your water is as safe as it can be.

Lead has devastating effects on your health and eliminating it from your drinking, bathing and showering water is essential to your good health.

While developing babies, infants, and small children are the most vulnerable to lead in drinking water, adults suffer the effects as well.

At low levels of lead consumption, the biochemical mechanisms of the body sustain damage. With moderate levels of lead ingestion, neurological damage occurs. High levels of lead in drinking water often lead to death.

Most of us have grown up trusting that the US Government will take care of us, especially when it comes to making sure our cities and towns provide their residents with safe drinking water. There have only been two amendments in the past twenty five years for steps to eliminate lead in drinking water.

The first bill was passed in 1986, when President Ronald Reagan amended the Safe Drinking Water Act to ensure that all pipes would be lead free, and any existing pipes would be repaired to be lead free as well. The other measure is when the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), made it a rule that there should be no more than 15 ppb of lead in drinking water in homes sampled.

But the larger issue is that many of the pipes are outdated and have not been replaced. That also means that the legislation, given the resources available, cannot be enforced in all too many towns and cities in the US.

Be aware that even when municipalities reports show that their drinking water supply is good, the water has to travel from the reservoir where the report measurements are taken through outdated and contaminated pipes to get to your faucet.

Ultimately this state of affairs brings the responsibility for staying and remaining healthy back to you and I. Having a water filtration system is a must, rather than a luxury. Your health – and the health of your children – absolutely depends on it.

Make sure to learn more about water filtration options and the best ones at the lowest cost available to you in our other reports and blog posts.

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