Bezalip Sr Side Effects

Did your Doctor prescribe you Bezalip SR before you buy Bezalip SR online, you need to know why this medicine has been prescribed to you. This is one of the very effective medicines which are known to help in the reduction of cholesterol levels. This medicine is especially effective in reducing the levels of triglycerides from blood which is a type of lipid fat. If you doctor has asked you to buy Bezalip SR, you should buy and have this medicine as and how instructed by your Doctor. You should never stop this medicine without speaking to your doctor.

Just like in case of all other medicines, you will experience certain side effects when you take this medicine. Bezalip SR side effects are important facts about which you need to know when you buy this medicine. You need to remember that you might experience one or more of these Bezalip SR side effects this is common and nothing to worry. However if you find that these side effects are becoming a real botheration and it is hampering your day to day activities you need to consult your doctor. Here are some of these side effects which you should be aware of when you buy Bezalip SR online.

Initially you will witness conditions of
Increased sensitivity of the sun to direct sunlight.
Stuffy nose and problem in breathing.
Certain eye problems like irritation of the eyes.
Repeated belching.
Problems related to constipation.
No sexual desires
Problems related to dizziness.

If you buy bezalip SR online, you will be able to know about all these side effects through blogs and discussion forums. If you choose to buy Bezalip online from your local pharmacist, he can explain about some of these side effects to you in detail.

Here are some lesser common side effects of this medicine. As said earlier, if you find that such side effects are causing problems to your regular day to day activities, you should get in touch with your Doctor immediately.
Problems related to muscle aches, joint pains, vomiting and nauseas.
Skin rashes all over the body.
Too much itching
Chills and fever.

Here are some more rare Bezalip SR side effects which you should know about.
Bloating sensation or slight pain of the abdomen and stomach
Constant indigestion
Feeling ill and lethargic
Cough and experiencing shortness of breath. Repeated troubles in breathing.
Tiredness and unusual bleeding.
Loss of appetite.
Yellow skin and yellowish eyes
Dark urine

Though these are some of the known side effects of this medicine, there might still be some side effects which are unique to you. In such a case, you just need to get in touch with your Doctor and take his suggestion on the matter. If the condition is serious, your doctor will surely advice you on what needs to be done.

If your doctor has asked you to buy Bezalip SR, you should buy bezalip SR online and have this medicine as and how instructed by your Doctor.

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