Fat Loss, Your Gain – Weigh the Odds

Fat loss doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, like those diet programs, and those high-priced equipment purchases, or those gym costs, not to mention all those hours spent. It can be done at home, in your private corner, at your leisure, when you have the time to devote. And you can start with no equipment, or just a couple of dumbbells if you want. And following a little advice on eating habits helps too. What are the best and what are the worst foods. Fat loss or gain, you make up your mind.

Some people do cardio exercises for more than six hours a week. Some of them still have fat to burn, and others make some progress. However, in a study done by British researchers on thirty- five overweight men and women the fat loss results were quite surprising. After exercising five times a week for twelve weeks they lost an average of 8.2 pounds. But damn, that’s a lot of exercise! And the best subject lost over thirty-two pounds, but the worst actually had a gain of almost four pounds. The reason was that some of the participants got hungrier after the workouts and the increase in appetite wiped out the benefits of the exercises.

Few people ever lose as much as 33 pounds after 12 weeks of cardio workouts. And few even lose 8 pounds with aerobic exercises. After many hours of hard work. Some curse, huh? So what you should do to beat this curse is use high-intensity turbulence training. Bodyweight exercises combined with dumbbell exercises for fast fat loss in as little as three times a week – 45 minute sessions for the experienced. For beginners you start out with introductory exercises to work your way up to the high-intensity ones. And you can choose between fat burning exercises designed for women and those for men who desire more muscle gain.

Get started now and lose weight, gain muscle. Look better, feel better, have more energy. Get a couple of ebooks to get you started today, no charge, big change, in almost no time. Start with just 10 minutes a few times a week. Learn More Here Never put off until tomorrow what you put on yesterday.

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