Fat Burning Furnace Weight Loss Plan – Why Does It Work?

The awesome story behind the Fat Burning Furnace program has to do with a young Rob Poulos. As a youngster, he wasn’t too heavy, but that additional flab on his undeveloped body would hang onto him. Becoming obese as a teenager, his worrisome condition would hound him into adulthood. He was embarassed to wear large, outsized clothes at school. It’s easy to figure out what young Rob had to verbally take from fellow students. Wanting to fit in with other classmates may have had an awful lot to do with his die hard determination to look slim and trim.

Rob wasn’t sure what to do about his condition, so the family had some ideas. Cottage cheese and grapefruit was an uneventful diet given to him by Mom. The exercise program was much too simple. Dad suggested and observed Rob doing seemingly nonstop sit-ups with inevitable failure. It didn’t make any difference that young Rob wasn’t a big loser, but his desire to change for the better would endure.

Rob would later wed his new wife Kalen. She was beautiful, a dream come true for Rob to marry this special woman. She only had a little extra padding on her figure, but Rob saw her as gorgeous. That ideal female form would undergo a dramatic transformation. Just a few years later, Kalen became a mother with 2 babies. Having Sarah added over 20 plus pounds. Then comes Ryan, and Kalen bulged up around 60 pounds above her ideal weight. Weight loss couldn’t have been a more serious issue with the Poulos’.

When it came to finding a solution, they were much like many other people lost in what Rob Poulos calls weight loss confusion. No matter what diet they tried, or what magic fat burning pill they took, it seemed as if it was just a roll of the dice. Lots of suggestions about losing weight at the gym. Plenty of gimmicks, gadgets and fast weight reduction programs to buy that produced no lasting success. The Poulos’ did lose some weight, but the pounds would soon rebound. Later on, Rob found out why.

The only consistency was failure, one after another. Rob and Kalen Poulos added up what was spent for all those weight loss adventures, and it came to over $ 23,000. This made a lasting impression on Rob’s thinking. He believes the marketing practices are by design for the industry not to really tell you what does work so people keep buying more products, thus the weight loss industry makes more money. Rob goes into detail about this in his Fat Burning Furnace ebook.

Rob decided to do some intensive study and research about what works for healthy and permanent weight reduction. He would go it alone, find out for himself the best foods for eating success. He experimented on himself a variety of diets, and their effects on his body. Rob also found out people exercise too much at the gym. He streamlined his own personal exercise program that he calls the 15 Minute Miracle. After spending years piecing together his new program, he finally succeeded by losing 42 pounds, and was slimmer around the waist, 10 less inches.

Weight loss became a family affair. Rob told his younger brother Mike how he lost weight, and the Fat Burning Furnace program burned off 40 pounds off Mike. He reduced his waistline 8 inches. Now was this program just for men? Not work for women? Rob’s wife Kalen dedicated herself to the same diet and workout plan, and she lost even more weight. Kalen lost 59 pounds, and her dress size shriveled from 12 to 4.

The diet and fitness industry can’t trick the Poulos’ anymore. They know what does and does not work for effective weight loss. Because of expensive past failures and deceptions, Rob launched the Fat Burning Furnace program to help others out of the weight loss confusion.

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