Oprah Liquid Diet – What Oprah and Beyonce Say About the Liquid Detox and Weight Loss Diets

Most of the people in the world usually opt opt for quick weight loss diets as they are looking for instant result. Most controversial of them are liquid weight loss diet and liquid detox diet. Dietitians say that these diets help you lose weight within few days only but this is only at the cost of your health. Many Hollywood actresses have taken up this liquid diet to get back in shape and they have faced criticism to promote this wrong example for the ones who idealize them.

Recently actress Beyonce Knowles shifted to liquid diet for weight loss. This liquid weight loss diet mainly featured the following drink: water, cayenne pepper, maple syrup & lemon juice. Beyonce took at least 10 glasses of the drink in a day. When ever she felt hungry, she switched over to one drink. The doctors say that anyone who follows this diet more than 10 days would surely land up in a hospital. As the news say, she did it for 10 days only.

Beyonce clarifying her stand says, ‘If it was not a requirement for the film, I would never have done this. It made me feel cranky & fatigued. I lost my focus & concentration as well. Besides, this weight loss did not last for long. I soon gained back my original waist size. I am sure that I do not recommend it to any body under any circumstances.’

Oprah Winfrey also strongly refuses for this option. She took up liquid diet in the year 1988. Oprah’s liquid diet was taken up for 4 months continuously as she had to fit into the size 10 jeans. Now she always mentions that she regrets those 4 months. Oprah says, ‘If I had ever known that I could lose weight with solid diets as well, I would never have shifted to this unhealthy resort. It deprived me of all the nutrients as a result of which I always felt weak and fatigued. My face became dull and lost all its charm.’

Now, through her talk show she always says, ‘the best way to detox your body with liquids, the ultimate option is taking 10 glasses of water every day. Rest stick to a balanced & timely diet with the basic rule – eat less & work more. You shall always stay fit, healthy and internally detoxified.’

Dr Oz, Oprah Winfrey & Rachel Ray have all endorsed the Dynamic Duo! for weight loss & total body detox.

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