Master Weight Loss Success – Fat Burning Secrets For a Slim Body

Mastering weight loss is often a very difficult and emotional subject for many people. The simple fact is that it takes effort, and after years of a lifestyle of poor food choices and not enough exercise, weight loss becomes even more difficult. To even think about exercising or cutting back on comfort food can create fear and apprehension.

For many overweight people, exercising, even gently can create pain and fatigue fairly quickly and therefore it is extremely difficult to get over that very first hurdle but the truth is it has to be done. Our bodies are designed to move; we should be able to walk, run and play with ease. Even if disease or disability has affected our bodies, movement in any way possible can only bring great benefits, not only to our physique but to our minds as well.

I think it would be difficult to find one person on this wonderful Earth who doesn’t have certain obstacles that they have to face. The majority of human beings don’t like change; we like certainty. We all have our comfort zones and a requirement to step outside of them causes stressful emotions within the body and mind. But the wonderful thing is that stepping outside of our comfort zone means stepping into fresh air! It is never as frightening as it seems and can be quite exhilarating, bringing a sense of freedom and achievement. Successful people are those who don’t just talk about doing something, they do it, and they continue to do it and when another challenge comes along, they do that as well.

Beginning a weight loss program should always start with setting specific goals. It is never enough to say “I want to lose weight”. Spend some time dreaming about the ideal body you would like to have and write it down, taking note of how you feel, how easily you walk, the clothes you wear, the admiration you receive and the powerful messages you can hand on to others. Take the time to write your ideal weight loss three months from now, then six and then twelve and then your ultimate goal – how long will that take?

Get the excitement ripping through your body. Get rid of the excuses; if you have time to watch tv, you have time to get moving. If you need to, get a treadmill and stick it in front of the tv and make sure you use it – just ditch the excuses once and for all. Once you are on your way to achieving your goals, you will find that you love moving more. Your energy levels increase and you get a buzz when you achieve each new goal. 

My life changed when I finally gave up my excuses. It took me more than 20 years to realise that the ‘quick fixes’ I had been falling prey too were not working for me – how dumb was I to believe that I could take magic pills and follow mad diets to watch the fat melt away?

The day my life changed was when I discovered a no-nonsense, no bs approach which has radically changed the way I approach all aspects of my health. I started with my mind before I started with my body. I discovered that my body type was largely (pun intended) endomorph and that I needed to put in more cardio than some types to get the fat moving.  A little bit of weight training helps to stop my weight loss being due to losing lean body mass.  My quick fixes still weren’t working after 20+ years, and the slower approach which encourages your body to increase lean body mass (which in turn increases metabolism) and lose only fat is what is working for me – what a revelation! With a little effort, a slim body is yours as well. 

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