Drinking Water to Lose Weight – Not an Option

What if I told you so many people could lose weight by drinking water. We spend hundreds of dollars on the next miracle weight loss program, or eat a diet of raw vegetables, but we often deny ourselves the one thing we need. It doesn’t cost much, if anything, and can be accessed from the nearest faucet or stream.

Weight loss depends heavily on our liver’s ability to convert stored fat and burn it off as energy. The gas that propels the liver to do this is none other than H2O; when the kidneys do not get the amount they need, the liver must pick up the extra work (demanding more hydration).

Many people do indeed make a small effort to hydrate themselves, in the hopes to shed the pounds; however, they give up, and on the surface it seems logical. Our bodies retain fluids when it feels deprived. When we finally get the amount we need, we find ourselves in the bathroom loads because toxins and impurities are being flushed out, as well as the stored fluids.

Another added benefit of drinking water to lose weight is filling that empty, hungry feeling; however, it is not just a filler to suppress hunger. When we don’t get the hydration we need, our bodies’ ability to get the nutrients decreases. The carbohydrates and sugars which make us fat are stored much quicker than the nutrients we need (which ultimately make us feel full longer).

Not only is it essential to keep ourselves hydrated, but equally important is the quality of our drinking water. To lose weight, the liver and kidneys must filter out toxins our bodies shouldn’t receive. The added chlorine, lead, and even pollutants which have found their way into our systems only slows down the ability to lose weight by drinking water. Recent studies are showing a link between added chlorine and thyroid complications.

Some food for thought, consider a filtration system or a purifier. Not only will you get the healthiest for your body, inside and out, but money will be saved, and the water will even taste better. Dieting and exercising will yield better results with clean drinking water; to lose weight properly this is essential. A pitcher of pure, clean water a day will wash the pounds away!

A filter will enhance a diet and improve exercise results like never before. Click here to see which purifiers are recommended, start drinking water to lose weight now!

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